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  1. Julie & Steve Murphy
    22/09/2021 @ 12:40 PM

    Hi Folks, love the site.
    We have a 2021 76 Series and fitted a pioneer platform.
    Could you show us how you ran cables from the vehicle out and up to the rack?
    We have some STEDI Rock Lights and Camp Floods we would like to fit but are unsure of the best way to run the cable.
    Thanks in anticipation,
    Julie & Steve Murphy


    • Peter
      23/09/2021 @ 2:58 PM

      G’day Julie & Steve,

      Thanks for the message and great to get that positive feedback.

      We are hoping to put up a post next week some time that goes through why we moved our UHF antenna to our roof rack and how we did it. I am going to be getting pictures over the weekend for the post. If you check out our site end of next week or the week after it should be posted. If you have signed up to our newsletter then you will get an update on all our recent posts as well.

      But to give you an idea (sorry I can’t attached pictures to this comment). For our antenna cable, we ran this through the firewall and then along the top of the firewall within the engine bay. The antenna cable is inside split tubing to protect it of course. We then ran the cable through an opening near where the bonnet bracket goes into when it is closed. This pops out near the inside of the drivers side door. From here we then ran the cable up the snorkel. We used cable tie mounts with strong double sided tape to secure these to the snorkel. We then secured the antenna cable with table ties up the snorkel. The cable then runs along the top bracket from the snorkel to the body of the 76 and then inside the gutter. We kept the cable in place inside the gutter with clear silicon. The cable then runs up the inside of the first leg of the Pioneer Platform held in place with zip ties. As you have the new Pioneer Platform you have a channel (I think) to run cables so I am sure you can get it there.

      We will be fitting a light bar in front of our Pioneer Platform as well, we just haven’t got around to it yet. Our mate with a 76, with light bars on his Pioneer Platform, did not run his cables up the snorkel but instead up the side of the windscreen. He took the cables for his lights from the engine bay through the gap in the body that runs beside the windscreen wipers. He held the cables in place using cable tie mounts with double sided tape. You don’t notice the cable that much as it runs up the part of the windscreen that is black. I do prefer the cables running up the snorkel as you don’t see them and can then hide them inside the gutter. After almost 12 months we are noticing the double sided tape is starting to come loose in areas. So we are considering drilling into our snorkel and then use pop rivets to secure the cable tie mounts. We will need to make sure we use lots of silicon when insert the pop rivets though to try and ensure the snorkel stays sealed. For now though we will keep replacing the double sided tape when required. I still need to build up the courage to drill into our snorkel.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.




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