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76 Series Land Cruiser

Our Toyota 76 (70) Series Land Cruiser 4WD build.

The 76 (70) Series Toyota Land Cruiser has to be the best 4WD we have owned and we will never look back. The decision was made to purchase a 76 (70) Series Toyota Land Cruiser when we realised we needed a far better payload, greater towing capacity, better performance, longer range and overall reliability. Our goal has been to build the ultimate touring and towing 4WD for Australian conditions. The 76 was named Big Betty and has been changing since the first day we have had her, and will continue to change into the future. That is the one awesome thing about the 70 Series Land Cruiser, there is so much you can do to them but that does come at a ridiculous cost.

Our 76 (70) Series Toyota Land Cruiser standard specifications:

  • Purchased new late 2019
  • Model – 76 Series GXL
  • Max Power (Standard) – 143 HP (107 kW)
  • Max Power (Post ECU Remap) – 215 HP (160 kW)
  • Max Torque (Standard) – 350 Nm
  • Max Torque (Post ECU Remap) – 750 Nm
  • Engine – V8 Diesel
  • Transmission – 5 Speed Manual
  • Colour – French Vanilla ~ White
  • Standard Fuel Tank Capacity – 130 litres
  • Towing Capacity – 3,500 tonnes
  • Tow Ball Weight – 350 kgs
  • GVM – 3,060 kgs
  • Payload – 795 kgs
  • GCM – 6,560 kgs

As we have progressed through our 76 Series Land Cruiser 4WD build we have made quite a few changes to the 76 Series from stock. This includes interior upgrades, engine performance upgrades, and loads of external modifications. The below posts provide detailed information on all of these upgrades as well as detailed reviews on particular products and brands. We have summarised the different areas or categories of our 76 Series Land Cruiser build in our navigation menu above to try and make it easier for you to find the right information you are after.

For detailed information on our 76 (70) Series Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD build read our posts below. We love to hear from our readers so please post any questions or comments below any of our posts as we actively respond to them.