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Drifta Camping & 4WD is an Australian business with its main operations based out of Gloucester in New South Wales. Drifta was started by Luke Sutton back in 2000 and has been operating for more than 20 years. Drifta make their own Australian made canvas products as well as custom drawers and kitchens for 4WD’s and vans. The business has changed over the past couple of years with a reduction in their Australian made product range and an expansion of their Chinese imported Drifta Stockton range. Drifta used to manufacture off-road trailers called a D.O.T. (Drifta Off-road Tourer) but ceased production in mid 2020 due to the increasing costs of manufacturing in Australia. We have DOT373 as our camper trailer with a Bundutec Bundutop roof top tent.