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Join the 4WD Adventurer Community

If you would like to become a part of the 4WD Adventurer community then please subscribe to our monthly newsletter. By becoming a 4WD Adventurer, you will get access to a range of member only benefits as we grow our community.

Over time we plan to organise different community events, clean ups, camping and 4WD meet ups as well as fundraising activities for different causes. By becoming a part of the 4WD Adventurer community, you will be notified on any of these events as they are organised. We also encourage any other 4WD Adventurer’s to keep us up to date on any events they are planning so that we can share these with all the other 4WD Adventurers.

As we continue to build up our relationships with small Australian business and brands, we will also be providing the 4WD Adventurer community access to brand and product discounts. We will also be offering 4WD Adventurers access to subscriber only giveaways of awesome new products that our brand and business supporters are developing.

Our newsletter will also keep you up to date on any of our recent blog posts including:

  • Access to supporter discount codes and member only giveaways.
  • Invitations to member events including camp & 4WD meet ups, clean ups and other community events.
  • Camping trips and great spots for your next adventure.
  • Gear reviews on all the different gear we use in our 76 Land Cruiser and camping.
  • Detailed guides on any DIY or self install work that we have done ourselves to help you save some money.
  • Simple camp cooking recipes that don’t require you to be a skilled cook using basic gear like a camp oven.
  • Tips from the different things we have learnt on our camping adventures to assist you in planning your next adventure.