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Sharing Adventures

Who are 4WD Adventurer? Peter, Shayne and Sadza* (the Cobberdog) documenting our 76 Series Toyota Land Cruiser (aka Big Betty) as well as our Aussie and Africa camping adventures. Camping trips in either our Drifta off-road trailer setup, DOT 373, or just swagging it with the Cruiser setup. We will share some tips on travelling to different places. Sharing what we have learnt along the way. 

Easy Cooking

Look out for our novice bush cooking recipes, tips and ideas. All simple meals that anyone can cook. Nothing complicated using simple gear and practical ingredients. We show you exactly what you need to do with step by step photos and instructions. Hopefully helping you out when out exploring.

76 Cruiser Build

If you are interested in reading about our 76 Series Toyota Land Cruiser build, we are slowly sharing everything we have done along the way. We provide detailed posts on upgrades done by others as well as any done ourselves. Any upgrades done ourselves as self instals or DIY projects are tagged as DIY so check these out as well. We sometimes only add to these build posts after a bit of use. This allows us to provide better feedback on how well these upgrades have worked.


As we use a lot of different gear we are sharing what we think about it all. Hopefully to provide you with some insight on what gear works well, what doesn’t and any tips or ideas we can share after some use. Our thoughts on gear is always an honest opinion, if we like or dislike something, we will share that. 


We both grew up in Africa with a love for the bush and have now lived more than half our lives in the best country in the world, Australia! We are based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia where we both work full time.

4WD Adventurer has been created to share all of this with you and hopefully be used as a useful resource helping you along the way. If you like any of the posts we have shared and want to keep up to date, then please join the 4WD Adventurer community here. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. We are most active on Instagram and add a few videos to YouTube now and again. There is also the ability to comment on any of our posts, so if you have any questions or feedback, then please comment and we will respond.

Thanks for reading legends. Hopefully we will get to see you out there enjoying this awesome country that we are blessed to live in.

Peter, Shayne & Sadza*

*Sadza (Zimbabwean Shona word) pronounced “sud-za”.