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  1. Dan
    13/08/2021 @ 4:00 PM

    This post was very useful for my install. A couple of things that I noted that might help others:
    * The runva 13XP premium now comes with offset fairlead (two mounting hole sets)
    * I put a rubber boot over the connections on the isolator, and cable tied it on for good measure. I was concerned that if somehow the aluminium angle broke off some day, i’d end up with the positive connections grounding on something metal.
    * I put conduit over the positive line going from battery to isolator, and isolator to control box, since it’s in the engine bay
    * I needed 5mm longer bolts for the bottom two on the winch, to go through the fairlead. Otherwise they wouldn’t work with the spring washer, and washer.
    * I used an excavator to hold up the bullbar, and move it back. Made it very easy! An engine hoist would also work well
    * I used a small air grinder to cut a slot in the bullbar UHF antenna mount, while the cable was still in there. Then touched it off with black paint.

    Some photos can be found here:


    • Peter
      14/08/2021 @ 11:23 PM

      Hey Dan

      Thanks for your feedback mate. I have added your comments so that others can see your recommendations. Definitely some good updates that you did through your install. We’ve done some similar changes with our updated bar and winch setup (posts to come).

      I wish I had some sort of machinery to make it easier on my own. Haha. Second time round I had the help of others thank goodness.

      Cheers mate.



  2. Remi
    01/02/2021 @ 8:25 PM

    Hi mate ,great post ! Could you please flick me the reference of the offset fairlead you got off eBay ?
    I’m just about ordering a 13XP too for my ARB bullbar on 78 troops. I believe will be exactly same set up than you.


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