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  1. Julie
    13/08/2022 @ 9:07 AM

    Excellent post! We are out bush atm and I’ve been appalled at the amt of toilet tissue that’s just been left in some very beautiful scenic spots.
    Another alternative for us girls is to use thin panty liners and then just squat for a few seconds longer to ‘drip dry’. The panty liners take care of any residue and can be changed as often as needed and either burnt or put in the rubbish and taken out of the bush when you leave.
    Please please please, don’t leave tissue in the bush!


    • Peter
      17/08/2022 @ 3:26 PM

      G’day Julie,

      Thanks for reading and your feedback, much appreciated. Your advice is fantastic and I hope everyone can learn from it.

      We have just got back from a few weeks in the outback and another Simpson Desert crossing. We too were appalled by the amount of toilet paper we found. Especially in places where you would only expect the avid explorer to venture and would think they would know how to respect the bush. Hopefully the more we all talk about it, the more people will learn on how to do the right thing. Toilet paper in the bush is terrible and it is the last thing we all want to see when exploring beautiful parts of the country, especially when it is not hard to clean up after yourself.

      Thanks again for reading and your advice Julie. I hope the rest of your trip is fantastic. Travel safe.




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