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  1. John
    15/05/2022 @ 11:17 PM

    Hi I use a Single Burner Canister Stove & Camp Oven when I have a fire like you. I also love my Pasta. Ten to fifteen minutes boiling water for Pasta seemed wasteful to me. Turns out Pasta has a hydration step & a cooking step. Now I throw my Pasta in a bowl with a couple of inches of cold water and let it hydrate for around 10 minutes. Meantime I cook my Sauce then add the hydrated Pasta & half a cup of pasta water and cook together for a minute or two. Less water, less Gas, no oily salted water, no juggling hot pans and a better chance of getting it al dente without frequent sampling. It works better with spirals and shells than fine spaghetti. I hope it helps. Cheers – John


    • Peter
      16/05/2022 @ 10:48 AM

      G’day John,

      Thanks for reading and sharing your feedback mate.

      That is great to know and I am definitely going to try this next time we cook pasta. Sounds like a fantastic way to conserve water and gas, use less gear, and easier to clean up. Really appreciate you sharing what works for you, great to find out new ways to make life easier.




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