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  1. Jack
    05/06/2024 @ 3:41 PM

    I have recently had this tank installed, love the new capacity, but I am having trouble refueling. When one tank is full, the other tank overflows and cant take more then a litre at time. Breathers are all working well, mechanic thinks it could be the angle of the twin filler.

    Did you have this issue when tank was installed?

    Appreciate any information you might have!


    • Peter
      14/06/2024 @ 3:46 PM

      G’day Jack,

      Thanks for the message.

      That does not sound right at all. I have not had any issues refueling and I have refueled plenty of times without an issue. Something must not be right with it for that to be happening. Have you spoken with LRA about the issue as that should not be happening. There has to be an issue somewhere, be it with the install, or something faulty that you were supplied.

      I know someone else with the same tank and they don’t have any issues filling up either. Definitely speak with LRA, they are always great to deal with in my experience and I am sure they will have a solution.

      I hope you get it resolved.




  2. Chris
    11/07/2022 @ 9:44 AM

    I have a 2013 mdl 76 series and read your post, as I’m wanting greater fuel storage. Sub tank seems the way to go, rather than bigger main tank.
    I haven’t located your review yet, but would be keen on getting some feedback from you. Definitely a wiser choice and frees up space on the rear bar or roof if travelling remotely.
    Thanks for posting.


    • Peter
      12/07/2022 @ 6:42 PM

      G’day Chris,

      Thanks for the message and reading mate. Much appreciated.

      I haven’t posted a review yet. I like to give gear a good test before putting my thoughts out there. Just want to make sure I’ve worked out all the pros and cons before doing a write up. Will give it a good run in our next big trip in a few weeks.

      So far though I’ve been impressed with how it all works. Pump is small so it takes a good amount of time to empty the auxiliary but, doesn’t really matter as you just let it run while driving. Range is amazing now with the additional litres we’ve gained in the auxiliary over the replacement.

      Hopefully get a review up near the end of the year after a few good trips.

      Cheers mate.



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