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  1. Jake D
    21/12/2023 @ 7:41 AM

    Hey mate,
    Did you find that you needed to fit spacers to the front sway bar mounts?
    Was there any contact between the front sway bar and front tail shaft??


    • Peter
      22/12/2023 @ 2:03 PM

      G’day Jake

      No need to fit any spacers with their 2” lift kit. Had no issues with contact anywhere.

      Hope that helps.




  2. Robert
    28/10/2023 @ 5:19 PM

    Hi Peter,

    I’m really enjoying reading through the reviews of the 4×4 mods you have made to your 76 series. I am looking at upgrading my suspension as my 78 series is starting to run lowish with the current mods on stock suspension; bullbar + winch, rear bar, roof platform, rear drawers and sound deadening. I appreciate your review of the Fulcrum Formula 4×4 shocks and the increased constant load leaf springs fitted. I notice from your pages where you fitted the 4″ exhaust and LRA aux tank, you now have BP-51’s installed.

    I’m interested to hear your experiences with the changes you have made. I am planning on addressing the track correction at a later date, probably the JMACX kit or Superior, but for now am weighing up what to do in terms of suspension lift vs GVM upgrade. For suspension, I have heard good things about Terrain Tamer parabolic leaf springs and their variable rate coils. TT also offer a GVM upgrade kit with their TGS shocks. Not sure what the TT TGS shocks are like in terms or ride/durability compared to others included in specific GVM/lift kits. I don’t plan to load the truck up to the brim, however I will be installing the LRA 90L water tank and carry extra water/fuel/tyres when needed. I am thinking of getting the TT parabolics and coils, airbags and maybe going with a different brand of shocks. Like you, I would prefer a less-firm ride as well as being able to adjust rear height a little as needed.

    Just wondering your thoughts on the change to BP-51s and whether you think overall, they/remote res shocks in general are worth the extra money? Would you have still run the Fulcrum shocks for some time longer if you didn’t upgrade the GVM?

    Sorry to bombard you with questions, I just feel your opinion is practical and unbiased (based on reading through your website), unlike many seemingly sponsored reviews or from people with no real concern about cost and are happy to go all out with rig mods.

    Thanks and happy overlanding.


  3. Michael
    03/09/2021 @ 10:26 PM

    I’m really finding your site very helpful.
    I also have a 76 series and recently installed Terrain Tamer smart coils and 500-700kg Terrain Tamer parabolic leaf springs. Love the parabolic leaf springs. Far more comfortable and more flex than standard leaf springs. Shocks are 3 way adjustable Remote Reservoir Dobinsons MRA shocks. Gotta say the set up is excellent.
    There is a massive amount of adjustment with both Rebound and compression.
    I intend having three settings.
    Blacktop, offroading and touring fully loaded.
    I am waiting for my drifta drawers and I intend removing the rear seats and installing a floor.
    I intend doing a similar storage upgrade like you did and really appreciate all the effort you have put into this site. All very helpful.

    Thanks for your help


    • Peter
      07/09/2021 @ 8:48 AM

      G’day Mick,

      Thanks for the message mate, appreciate the feedback and glad you have found our posts helpful.

      Good to know what other suspension setups people are running on the 76. I have always been interested to know how the parabolic leaf springs go on the 76 and now I know. Have heard they make a big difference comfort wise.

      So it looks like we will be changing our suspension setup to get a GVM upgrade. As you might have read in our other posts, we had planned on fitting a JMACX rear diff which at the time you could get a 10% GVM increase due to the increased axle load with engineering sign off. But unfortunately we took too long to do the upgrade and the week we organised it to get done QLD changed their laws. So we have not fitted the diff but will instead need to go down the GVM suspension upgrade. I didn’t really want to do this as we don’t need that much more payload but anyway. We will go ARB for the GVM upgrade so just need to work out if we do standard OME shocks or drop the big bucks on OME BP-51 remote res adjustable shocks. It is about a $2k difference between the two setups. Fortunately you can go with 400kg rated springs in the 76 with the GVM upgrade so it won’t be a big change from our current 350kg setup.

      Hopefully we will get our post up in the next few months regarding our rear seat conversion.




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