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  1. Dan
    15/07/2021 @ 3:14 PM

    g’day mate, any updated thoughts on the TJM snorkel now that you’ve had it for quite a while? I am about to pull the trigger on one, and wanted to check. cheers


    • Peter
      15/07/2021 @ 3:23 PM

      G’day Dan

      We can’t really compare to anything else. But we have had no problems. When we had our dyno tune done by Just Autos we had no problems getting pretty good power and torque gains. The same gains others have got with a Safari. Been no issues with water ingress either. So from my point of view it does what it’s supposed to. I do not see the point in cutting half the side of front panel to fit a Safari. No risk of rust. Safari lovers will say they get way more power but I recon that’s nonsense. If anything it would be so minimal it would not be noticeable. On top of that they are far cheaper and super easy to install. I would go the same if I got another 70 Series. Would not think twice about it.

      I also know a few others with the same snorkel on the 70 Series and they have all had no issues either.

      Hopefully that answers your question.




      • Dan
        16/07/2021 @ 3:58 PM

        Hi Peter, thanks for the reply. That answers my question, and I’ll be purchasing one, as TJM has a 10% off sale at the moment. Keep up the good content, I have enjoyed reading your posts as I build up my 76 series. cheers


        • Peter
          16/07/2021 @ 4:23 PM

          Awesome Dan, that is a good choice. Should be a pretty easy install and you can use those dollars saved on something else.

          Appreciate the comment mate. Glad you have found it useful.




  2. Drew Oflahrity
    30/04/2020 @ 3:50 PM

    Very nice blog post. I absolutely appreciate this site. Thanks!


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