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  1. Tim riddle
    31/08/2022 @ 8:50 PM

    Hey guys, just bought some parabolics from terrain tamer for the2021 troopy VDJ78. It’s got the suspension 2inch lift and diff correction done by superior engineering Looking to find a proper high clearance u bolt kit. Can you help me? The coil conversion is out of my reach so just trying to find the next best thing.




    • Peter
      01/09/2022 @ 9:36 AM

      G’day Tim,

      That sounds great mate. I am interested to hear how the parabolics go for you. I hear they are extremely comfortable.

      For me personally, if you get the right leaf spring rating to your load, comfort is going to be fine and a coil conversion is not worth the cost. For a touring setup, leaf springs setup correctly are absolutely fine. From the research I have done, you really only have two options for high clearance U bolt kits. Either JMACX or Superior. Superior have two options, one that is cheaper but definitely not as strong and the more expensive option similar to our JMACX high clearance mounts. I decided on JMACX as I preferred the design of their kit, although it is expensive. I like how they provide the correct bolt sizes to match your leaf pack so no cutting required. The more expensive Superior option still uses U bolts which need to be cut down depending on the size of your leaf pack. I am not sure which is a better option but this will really come down to your preference.

      To be prefectly honest, the type of trips we do, we really did not need these. If you are doing mainly tough 4WD tracks and clearance is an issue, then they are a good option.

      Take a look at the two Superior kits and the JMACX kit, and make a decision based on budget and what you really need. Hope that helps.




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