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  1. Dale
    21/06/2022 @ 8:02 PM

    Hey Mate, the Centre Console tray came with 3 bolts and some sort of push clip. Did you end up using that clip? I found a hole with a rubber plug just under the 4wd gear selector and on the right hand side of the gear stick.


    • Peter
      22/06/2022 @ 6:36 PM

      G’day Dale,

      Na mate I didn’t use any of the fixings they provided. Also depends on which one as a few come with different things. I just used those fender clips that I bought off eBay. I reference them in the post. Just use those two existing holes in the body and they’ve worked a treat for the last few years.

      Let me know if that makes sense or you got any other questions.




  2. Faris
    28/04/2022 @ 2:30 AM

    Did you drill or cut through the carpet?
    I bought a similar piece but it’s an original and more expensive one. Just trying to figure out how to install and do the wiring.


    • Peter
      28/04/2022 @ 8:22 AM

      G’day mate,

      I just felt the carpet until I found where the two existing holes in the body are, and then using a small phillips head screwdriver pushed through the carpet.




  3. Tony
    27/06/2020 @ 9:16 PM

    Hey Mate

    Can you give me some more info on the bumper rivets you bought? Do you have a link to the ebay item? Just bought a new 76. Enjoying your story.

    Cheers tony


    • Peter
      29/06/2020 @ 8:33 AM

      Hi Tony

      Awesome news mate, the 76 is such a good 4WD. You won’t regret it. Other than maybe the internal cup holder issue. Haha.

      These are the ones we purchased off eBay. Think this is a current listing.


      They are basically 12mm plastic rivets.

      Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Cheers mate.



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