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Home Brew

So I am a real amateur home brewer so these are not experienced opinions. These are just some of the brews I regularly make, most are really simple and just following recipes on the back of kits you buy from your local home brew shop.

When I did first start making my own beer and ginger beer I did get a bit stuck at times so I thought I would share with you the different brews I make and the process I go through to get the end result.

You can save money from doing this but it will take a few brews to get your money back on the gear you need to buy. If you calculate the amount of time you spend brewing then you probably aren’t much better off. However I enjoy the process and with the kits and gear you get now days, it is pretty easy to make a really good brew. If you are keen to get into it, find your local home brew shop (there will be one) and go and have a chat to them as they are always really helpful. It is in their best interests to give you all the information you need and assist you through the process as they want you to keep coming back.

Hope you enjoy these home brew recipes and let me know if you have any questions by sending me a message on Instagram.

And one last thing, the ginger beer is just awesome. Give it a crack.